I started this resource site in 2008 to collect various articles, resources and ideas that I've written or spoken about over the years, and I continue to post new ideas and resources. For more info about me and this blog, scroll down this page. I recently moved my Bible Video recommendations to this site as well. <>< Neil

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Stuff you'll find in my www.SundayResources.net/biblevideos webpage...

  The Nest Animated Bible DVDs, dozens of great Bible animated videos
  Matthew DVD
  Kids Ten Commandments DVD
  What's in the Bible DVDs... the new series from the creator of VeggieTales

Stuff you'll find in my www.SundayResources.net/neil blog...

  Change Your Church --- improve the stuff you already do, change what you don't do well,  and do a better job of inviting, welcoming and tracking visitors.

  Tech Advice for Church staff

  Ideas & Advice to pastors and CE folks ---things I know now that I wish knew then!

  Building a Better Church Website -- help, articles, resources, and important concepts.

  Green Jesus -- links to resources, and practical ideas for "going green" at church.

  Bible Videos, Bible DVDs for children and youth, Nest Entertainment Videos, Visual Bible DVDs, and more.

  Books I recommend you read (about the church, and in general).

  "Neil on the Lam" ...Why I left my last church, ...and what I learned from it.

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The purpose of this site and blog:

I'm a Presbyterian minister who has been serving in Christian education for many years. Most people know me from my work with software for Christian education (www.sundaysoftware.com), and with the Workshop Rotation Model (www.rotation.org) for Sunday School.

I've seen the church from a unique perspective both as a volunteer and pastor, and as a conference speaker across the US and Canada. In addition to my software and CE work I'm also a "parish associate" for a local church. I've worked in large, medium and small churches, and experimented with many new ways of doing things.

As an "ordained software developer" I've become a go-to-techie for many friends and churches, thus, -much of the technical advice in this blog.

Along the way I "lost my ability to hide my incredulity" (!)  ...and I've come to realize this "loss" is both a gift and a curse.  When I see things that shouldn't be, or need to be -but aren't for some dumb reason, I tend to speak up, --but only if I'm also willing to work towards a solution.

Over the years I've found many who agree with my concerns and agree with my ideas and solutions, ...so I keep offering them. My blog continues that sharing.

I've been called an "expert" and "guru," but also a "contrarian," "iconoclast," and "loose cannon".  Hopefully you'll notice a theme in my posts: easy & workable solutions to obvious problems. I consider myself a realist, and believe in offering practical advice about things that are important. I also believe in recommending GREAT resources.

You can leave 'comments' after any post, and I invite you to do so. 

<>< Neil MacQueen, neil@sundayresources.net

What's with the OCEAN imagery?
I'm an avid diver and kayaker. The photos in various places in this blog are from St Croix, one of my favorite places in the world.

Neil's other site:

www.sundaysoftware.com  --Interactive Bible story and Bible games software! --cool tools for today's Sunday School kids.

Lots of good articles over there too. www.sundaysoftware.com/articles


www.biblestorysoftware.com and www.biblegamessoftware.com --the sister sites to sundaysoftware.com