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The Kids Ten Commandments DVD series

The award-winning Kids' Ten Commandments series from Nest includes great Bible lessons for kids! This 5-DVD K*10*C collection features state-of-the-art animation and inspirational music the entire family will enjoy.

Through the adventures of Seth, an 11-year old boy, these captivating stories bring God's Ten Commandments to life for children ages 6-11.

  • Each of the five Bible videos teaches children how to apply the Ten Commandments to their daily lives.

  • Each of the five Bible videos covers TWO of the commandments.

  • Each video is 30 minutes long so it fits nicely into Sunday School.

  • Featuring acclaimed Hollywood talent that includes Peter Strauss as Moses and other famous voices such as Tom Bosley, Jodi Benson, and Paul Winfield, your children will enjoy learning about our great and awesome God!

  • Created by Rich Studios...the company that brought you the very popular high quality Nest Bible Videos.

View the Kids10-Commandments DVD homepage, see a sample video, and order

Keep an eye out for their product discount codes to save money! They're usually at the top of the page.

You're going to be shocked at the REALLY LOW PRICE for this entire set of DVDs. SHOCKED!


Here's a small movie file sample of part of the story from DVD #5 showing Seth, Moses, Aaron and the people of Israel at the Tabernacle.

Double click to start. Click to pause.

The Kids Ten Commandments DVDs are high quality stuff!  


The Kids' Ten Commandments (K*10*C) 5-DVD Set includes these titles:

The Not So Golden Calf-  The first episode in the series, The Not-So-Golden Calf, is based on commandments 1 and 2 - "Do not worship any other gods besides me" and "Do not make idols of any kind." While Moses is up on Mount Sinai, the people of Israel lose faith and are convinced by Hazzaka, the leader of the evil-doers, to build and worship a "golden calf." Hazzaka selects Seth's calf, Jacob, as the "model" for the idol. In the midst of their new popularity, Seth and Jacob get big heads and turn their backs on God. Thankfully, before things get out of hand, Moses returns with the Ten Commandments to reinforce that there is only one living God, and worshiping someone or something above God is a huge mistake.

The Rest is Yet to Come The second episode in the series, The Rest is Yet to Come, is based on commandments 3 and 4 -- "Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God" and "Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy." When Seth's mom, Leila, is called away, snarly old Jeshanah is asked to take care of Seth. Not the wisest choice, since Jeshanah swears (conveniently an animal noise or sound covers the actual words) and proudly sings of his warped sense of values. Plus, Jeshanah makes Seth and all the animals work themselves to the bone on the Sabbath. Thankfully, Moses and Seth's mom arrive in time to set Jeshanah straight.

A Life and Seth SituationThe third episode in the K-10-C series, A Life and Seth Situation, is based on commandments 5 and 6 - "Honor your father and mother" and "Do not murder." When Seth and his friend, Ephraim, go for a "sleep over" on the outskirts of camp against their parents' better advice, they encounter a ragtag bandit (special guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) and his gang on a pursuit across the desert. A sandstorm forces them into a cave that just happens to be the bad guys' hideout. The boys learn the value of obeying their parents and the sanctity of human life in this exciting, adventure-filled episode.

Stolen Jewels, Stolen HeartsStolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts helps kids understand the meaning and importance of commandments 7 and 8 -- "Do not commit adultery" and "Do not steal." Trouble comes to the Israelites' camp when Simeon (special guest star John Schneider), a handsome singer, literally turns the tents upside down with his lively songs and pocket-picking monkey, Martel. "Anything goes" is Simeon's rule as he unsuccessfully tries to steal the heart of another man's wife. Meanwhile, Amos the rat becomes the "fall guy" for Martel as he steals valuables from people in the camp. Kids will want to watch this action-filled, entertaining story over and over again as they learn about God and his instructions for their lives.

Toying With The Truth In Toying With the Truth, kids understand the meaning and importance of two of God's commandments -- "Do not testify falsely against your neighbor" and "Do not covet." The finest clothes, the best toys, the coolest pet ... Seth becomes jealous of his best friend, Ephraim, and longs to be "the boy who has everything." When he accidentally breaks Ephraim's amazing one-of-a-kind toy, Seth keeps quiet and lets his friend take the blame until wise Ben-Ami, the toy maker, helps guide him to do what's right. Join the adventure as God's presence fills the tabernacle and the people of Israel continue their journey to the Promised Land in the Kid's Ten Commandments series finale.

*Each Feature DVD has a run time of approximately 30 minutes and teaches two of the Ten Commandments.

View the K-10-C Nest product homepage, see a sample video and order


I like the fact that these DVDs have Biblical kids in them as the main characters. They take part as the story of the Commandments unfolds, and try to understand and live-out the Commandments. The animations is, of course, terrific, and these videos have humor and great music ...making watching them a very nice experience.

<>< Neil MacQueen

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View the K-10-C Nest product homepage, see a sample video and order


Who is Neil MacQueen? ...and why is he recommending these DVDs?

I'm a Presbyterian minister specializing in Christian Education and resources. I've been teaching Sunday School for over 30 years and have always striven to incorporate the latest media to grab my student's attention and make their lessons memorable. For the past 15 years I have been leading seminars on the use of media in Christian education and have written articles for numerous church-related magazines.

Through my Sunday Software work, I come in daily contact with teachers, pastors and educators looking for help with their Sunday School lessons, I'm often asked for "Bible Video Recommendations." These webpages help answer those questions.

Many people know me as "the Sunday Software guy." Since 1996 I have been developing software for Christian education and offering my teaching & technical insights to churches. My software website is at www.sundaysoftware.com

Many people know me as one of the founders of the Workshop Rotation Model and the Rotation.org Website at www.rotation.org. I spent many years traveling the US introducing Christian educators to new media and suggesting ways to better teach with it.

Many people know me as the "Church Website Guy" ...having come here from one of my many articles about Building a Better Church Website, located at www.sundaysoftware.com/webpage.htm and my blog at www.sundayresources.net/neil

I own many of the videos found on these pages and I preview everything. Rich Studios produces wonderful Disney Quality animations, and their theological approach is very ecumenical.  If you have any questions, email neil@sundayresources.net

Who is Nest Video?

Nestlearning.com and NestEntertainment.com are part of the Nest Family of websites featuring the animated movies of Richard Rich Studios. Rich was the director of two of Disney's animated features, "The Fox and the Hound" (1981) and "The Black Cauldron" (1985). Through his own animation studio Richard Rich has directed other nationally distributed feature films, including "The Swan Princess", "The King and I", and "The Trumpet of the Swan." In addition to his feature film work, he has directed over fifty 30-minute videos about stories from the New Testament, Old Testament and World History.

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