I've been teaching Bible stories with media since the days of film projectors, and love good videos to show and discuss.
As Presbyterian minister, I'm keen on content and only recommend what I myself will teach with.
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Click any of these links to see the videos I recommend, and how to order...

Nest's Animated Old Testament DVDs

Nest's Animated New Testament DVDs
This large collection of Bible videos from Nest are Disney-quality.

What's in the Bible? DVDs
This 13 DVD series for kids from the creator of VeggieTales is perfect for Sunday School.
I've written 13 detailed teaching outlines for each. Content-rich and fun.

Kids Ten Commandments DVDs
5 wonderfully animated kid-friendly videos that put your kids into the story and give each commandment kid-friendly life application.

(includes "Son of God" movie, 2014)
The 4 DVD set, Old and New Testament
I particularly like the Abraham and Daniel in the OT, and the entire NT Jesus portrayal.
Powerful stuff.

(the portion of "The Bible" with the Gospel story only. 2014)
Jesus is portrayed as both authoritative, warm and approachable.

"Matthew  DVD"
The entire Gospel of Matthew dramatically and joyfully portrayed. Great for zero-ing on certain stories.

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