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I’m Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister. I created this blog to share my experience, knowledge, …and occasionally bold & ridiculous ideas related to Christian education, needs & problems in the church, and church tech topics. I’ve been working in and with churches and church staffs for 28+ yrs, done some writing & speaking, and been engaged in some inventive ministry efforts along the way.  Most people know me from my work with Sunday Software and the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School.  Both of these ministries grew out of my dissatisfaction with the “same old approaches = same old results.” (See more “about me” below…)

Here are a few of my latest posts:

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The “About Me” section
  • Husband to a very patient wife
  • Father of 3 awesome young adults
  • Ordained Presbyterian minister specializing in Christian education & software.
  • Previously served as an Associate Pastor in two Presbyterian churches.
  • Served as the Parish Assistant in a Reformed Church on the island of St Croix.
  • Recently served as Interim Pastor for Children, Youth and Family in a Presbyterian Church.
  • Christian software developer …www.sundaysoftware.com.
  • Author of several church-related books and magazine articles.
  • Consultant to churches about their software, tech, web, and CE needs (for free)
  • Founder and webmaster of www.rotation.org, a non-profit Sunday School ministry.
  • Ohio State (’81), Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (’85)
  • Currently living in Venice Florida, having lived in Jamestown NY, Barrington IL, Columbus, Ohio, and St Croix USVI.
  • Like strawhats when I’m fishin or kayaking.
  • NHL hockey fan …just so you know.
<>< Neil
“Bongo Loves the Bible” is one of 18 Kid Bible CDs I’ve developed
because I love the Bible and want our kids to know its basics.
Check it out at www.sundaysoftware.com/bongo

Some of my latest posts...

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